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Our way of working in SEO is based on one single motto: it’s not about what you say you’re going to do, it’s about doing what you said you would.

This is the way we approach not only our clients’ businesses, but also ours: we don’t believe in suppositions or luck.

At the centre or our agency are experience, data, investigation, technology, knowledge a the necessary creativity to guide us in the planning and decision making.

SEO describes as the techniques used to help Google understand how relevant is your content for your users.

The stronger your site’s organic performance is, the more natural traffic it will attract to increase your reach and your income. Trust our SEO experts to allow your site get to the next level.

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Explain your project and goals to us, so we can design a 100% personalised and effective strategy.

SEO Services

In Digital Growth, we have gathered top SEO specialists with years of experience, that will help you in all the aspects that can have an impact on your project.

These are the SEO services most valued by our clients:

SEO Audit
We elaborate an exhaustive audit of your website, to identify its weaknesses and opportunities and translate them into an actionable tasks backlog.
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SEO Consulting
Monitoring daily your project allows us to offer continuous improvement, to help your business grow on the long term.
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Technical SEO
If your website isn't totally optimised, it could potentially suffer from indexing and ranking issues.
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On-Page SEO
A good on-page SEO strategy will help Google understand how relevant your website content is to your users.
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Content benchmark
We uncover and analyse your competitors' SEO strategy, finding out which keywords and which contents are the most profitable or them.
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SEO Migrations
With the correct planning and a previous SEO audit, a site migration should not cause your business any loss in visibility or income.
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SEO Contents
We focus on quality and uniqueness to provide you with contents that will attract and increase your users loyalty.
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International SEO
We will define the best strategy, based on technical, linguistic and cultural aspects, including specific user behaviours.
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Keyword Research
We analyse which keywords can bring more qualified traffic to your website.
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Traffic drop tackling
We analyse your website to determine the nature and cause of the drop, whether it is a manual action, an algorithm update or a technical problem.
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Video contents for the web
Nowadays, videos are an indispensable component of your content strategy: don't overlook them!
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SEO training
We promote inhouse "SEO culture" in our clients teams, and we can train you on basic and advanced SEO techniques and processes.
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Data Driven SEO

We constantly analyse quantitative and qualitative data to help us develop our SEO strategies, and to help our clients make data-driven decisions.

Web rankings are data

If you monitor data efficiently, you will find the truth in it! Without data it’s impossible to do SEO.

Our team relies on data and data-based strategy to reach potential users.

Measuring and segmentation are fundamental for us: they allow us to be more efficient and transparent. Companies contact us for our talent, ambition and proven experience in SEO. They remain with us for our work methodology and our results. We can help you grow!

We can help you grow!

SEO case studies

Online and mobile visibility improvement to accelerate organic growth.

- 150% traffic increase - Bounce rate decrease - Performance increase
El SEO es humano


Detrás de cada búsqueda hay un usuario. Al final el SEO trata de personas, y así es como enfocamos el trabajo en nuestra agencia SEO de Barcelona.

Creemos firmemente que el SEO no es una ciencia oculta ni espacial. En realidad es muy lógico y analítico, y tiene mucho que ver con la antropología y la sociología. Se trata más de comprender cómo buscan las personas, las palabras y frases que usan y que información esperan encontrar. Pero para que las personas puedan encontrar una web, es crucial que su área técnica esté totalmente optimizada para los buscadores.

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Explain your project and goals to us, so we can design a 100% personalised and effective strategy.